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Currently hundreds of Linux distributions available. But only a very few has its own unique feature. Recent arrival Ulteo seems to be promising distribution, if they keep up their promises given below as quoted by their site. Ulteo projects itself as Application System, which means using application is important than maintaining the system. That’s good.

1- always provide the most up to date stable features and self-upgrade automatically
2- require no, or very little, administration by the user
3- open users horizon to potentially every application which exists, the simple way

Its first Alpha version released on 6th December 2006, which fulfills the first of the above three goals, as stated by the Ulteo team. It has Yuch as shiny new Installer and Ulteo General Daemon (UGD) as system update tool, both are very much under development of their early stages.

I am impressed by their three goals. Ultimately these goals will take Linux to the mass which will bring the Desktop Linux dream to alive. It resembles more like using Television, Oven, Refrigerator which does not need any internals knowledge of devices. This kind of approach will take this distro towards people who want just jobs to be done. They are mostly non-IT Professionals, who don’t do development or learning – they just need their job to be done with the help of computer. With this background, Ulteo is definitely a cool new comer. But how far these goals are implmented in next release? Let us wait and watch.

I am yet to download and install Ulteo. Though my computer is just 192MB RAM system (release note says that requirement is 256MB RAM), I want to give a try soon. Once installed let me put my opinion here.