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I was really close to being in the hospital last week because I was using my cell phone and was way to close to being in a really bad accident that would have surly landed me in the hospital. It was the close call I’ve needed to do something about my bad habit of driving and talking on my cell. I’m not sure which direction I want to go yet. I am considering a number of products right now. I would love your feed back if you have any experience with any of these products.

The first hands free set I’m considering is the Aliph Jawbone 2. When the first version of this headset came out in 06 it was considered one of the best bluetooth headsets on the market. The Jawbone 2 came out last year and has had some mixed reviews. It is known for it’s great ability to cancel out noise. My good pal Zack had the Jawbone and loved and decided he would upgrade to the latest model and was not impressed with it. He ended going onto ebay to get the older version that has me a little concerned especially when having to choke up so much money for this little bluetooth device.

You may be surprised to hear that I am actually considering an As Seen On TV product. The Jupiter Jack is a device made specifically for your car. You plug your cell phone into the Jupiter Jack and then then the device transmits your phone conversation through the speakers in your car through the radio. I am a little suspect about how well this device could work. I had a similar thing for my Ipod and it seemed like that when you got near a big city the other stations would bleed into the station you were playing your music through. The really attractive part about the Jupiter Jack is the price. You can buy 2 for 1 right now for twenty bucks plus that stupid ass shipping charge. I figure for the price it might almost be worth it. I like the idea of not having to wear an ear thingy and that I don’t have worry about draining my cell phone battery using the bluetooth. I wonder about Jupiter Jack claim that it can go for fifty hours of talk time on it’s battery. If anyone has had any luck with this product I’d love to know.

Those were the two main options I am considering. If anyone has any suggestions on other hands free accessories I should be considering I would love to hear from you. I need to move on this ASAP though because I really need to not drive and talk on my phone anymore. It’s probably my worst habit, a habit that could wind me up in the hospital or even worse.


The Magic Jack is a new  phone system that gives the end user a whole year of free phone calls with a twenty dollar fee for every year following the first free year. This product, the Magic Jack, an as seen on TV product, is basically an thumb-drive that connects to your USB port of your PC or Laptop. On the other side of the USB thumb drive is a standard high-tech phone jack that is attached to a conventional phone handset. The best part about the as seen on TV product is that Magic Jack installation and set-up is so amazingly simple you will be astounded you have not tried this before! The Magic Jack loads its own software as soon as you plug it into your PC. In a few minutes after unpacking the Magic Jack you are ready to go and you have instant, unrivaled access to making all free calls you could ever dream of.

The best part of the as seen on TV Magic Jack is that you have to simply plug it into your PC and go. This fact has seen many users. After you buy your Magic Jack you get a unique free phone number that is only yours and that lasts for life. Many phone companies cannot even guarantee this simple action. Once you purchase the Magic Jack there is a free trial period in which there is a one hundred percent risk free period where one can make as many calls as you desire.

The Magic Jack also provides free local and long distance for as seen on TV Magic Jack owners. There is free voicemail and free caller ID. The quality of calls one can make with the Magic Jack is extremely good and the products recent popularity has only increased the customer service and quality of the product. There is a strong online based customer service team dedicated to help you in any issues with the product you may have. if you miss a call, Magic Jack will send you a personalized email message detailing the fact that you have a new voicemail in your inbox and also detailing the number that was missed. The as seen on TV Magic Jack works with Windows XP and Vista and Mac systems and the set-up is extremely easy and fast. It’s really not a surprise that around 10,000 of these as seen on TV Magic Jack systems are being sold a day. Once you have paid the 19.95 a year plus 40.00 dollars up front costs you are basically set to make unlimited local and long distance calls for 0.00 dollars! There are fortunately no restrictions on the length of call you make or what time of day your call is made. You can even call 411 for absolutely no charge at all! The as seen on TV Magic Jack not only provides crystal clear phone calls. The product also provides voice mail, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting and 3 way conference calling all for absolutely no charge. The only charge one would get with the Magic Jack is international phone calls. The international phone calls are even much cheaper than mobile phone rates and VoIP rates. You can even take your Magic Jack USB phone and your laptop with you while you are traveling out of the country and make calls back to the United States for free. There are plenty of reviews of this device out there however lot’s of them are just trying to sell the product. We found this post of an honest magic jack reviews.