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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Recently I updated my HP-Compaq nx6120 laptop with Ubuntu Dapper Drake alpha 6.06 release. Then I have updated to Beta-2 release. Here is the screenshot of this cute desktop. The first impression is Fantastic Performance and eye candy.

Following are the improvements over Breezy 5.10 version:
1. Faster booting – takes just 55 seconds to get complete desktop (with auto login) with default installation
2. Nice GUI shutdown
3. Faster GNOME – takes 3-4 seconds to get desktop from gdm.
4. Samba client and Server – I am able to connect to all my Windows PCs and Servers in LAN without any issues (in breezy, it was not so – the performance was not consistent). Shared Folder works just like that.
5. SMB Printer config – Able to configure easily, Windows (SMB) Printer through GUI tool without any issue.
6. Unicode in Firefox – Tamil fonts are perfectly displayed
7. SCIM Input for Tamil – Amazing integration with Text applications such as gedit and mousepad. This is first time I am able to successfully key in Tamil in phonetic keyboard layout on Linux. It is just a matter of selecting language from applet.
8. GNOMEBaker – import session works without any flaw.
9. OpenOffice – starts and works faster
10. GDebi Package installer – Double click .deb file to install it.
11. Power Management – Nice GUI tool for sleep, hibernate controls – (but sleep and hibernat not working in my laptop – to be tweaked)
12. Better font rendering – additional font settings
13. Simple Sound Preference tool

Other **not working** aspects (like Sleep/Hibernate) are yet to be analysed.

I have made the scim as default input module by replacing the /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90im-switch with the following script:

export XMODIFIERS=”@im=SCIM”
export GTK_IM_MODULE=”scim”
export XIM_PROGRAM=”scim -d”
export QT_IM_MODULE=”scim”

This script made me to enable the scim for firefox and applications also. Great Internationalization works, thanks to Mr.Mark Shuttleworth. I have typed the following tamil and hindi characters in firefox at’s edit post.
தமிழ் हिनदि ! How is it?

Hats off to Open Source – GNU- Linux – GNOME – Ubuntu team!