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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Legal issues associated with FemtoJack

The FemtoJack sounds like an excellent fit for people who want to grab advantage of wireless communication but don’t really care about its technological nitty-gritty.  The truth is, anyone can use the FemtoJack and anyone can easily use it! By paying an annual fee of 20 dollars only, cell phone user can enjoy calling. The best part: The installation needs no expertise.

A user just plugs FemtoJack into a computer USB slot, enters a code into the cell phone to activate the connection between mobile and device. It is similar to Bluetooth connectivity, and so long as the person is within eight feet of the computer it will automatically synchronize phone with FemtoJack.

The simple functioning of this femtocell device has raised concern of skeptics. The experts have put forth certain questions. Suppose a person is talking on cell phone by way of FemtoJack and then he or she just jumps into a car and then pulls away from the place they are at while continuing his/her phone conversation. Then what will happen? According to experts, two things might happen- either the call will be disconnected since he/she goes out from the scheduled range or the service will remain uninterrupted.

We will deal with the second possibility. The reason of uninterrupted connectivity is possible because the caller leaves femtojack’s range and lands into range of some of the other cellphone towers.

For cellphone service providers the phenomenon is tagged as seamless handoff. It is not a new occurrence and they can handoff signals between their own towers or even between towers of other carriers with whom they have shared service agreements.

For Ymax Corporation, the makers of FemtoJack, seamless handoff will not be simple. For seamless handoff to occur cell carriers and Ymax will have to come to agreement that benefits both parties. Presently IT experts do not see any such hope. Ymax and FemtoJack are targeting cell carriers as their direct competitors and incurring a huge source of revenue. Cell carriers are willing for any kind of agreement. This is a serious legal issue.

The topic of femtocell technology stipulates that there is also possibility that people can dodge laws and other regulatory measures.  Such is the view of legal experts. A real femtocell always falls into domain of a cell phone mobile operator that ensures compliance with the spectrum license and a high quality of service.  However FemtoJack approach will give scope for evasion within operator’s network.  It might not meet operators’ requirements for service quality, security, standards or regulatory compliance.

Benefits and problems are just two sides of same coin. With proper agreement for safe execution a FemtoJack service will be counted as a treasure house of benefit for net-savvy customers.