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I keep upgrading my Home PC with better peripherals to make it to breathe better for long time. The recent one is a nVidia Graphics card of model 6200A – 256MB – 8X from Zebronics. I got it from ebay for Rs.2000 ($47) which is 7 months old. Now my PC configuration is

Intel PIII/850MHz, Intel 82815 Chipset, PC133 450MB, nVidia 6200A 256MB, 20+10 GB HDD

I have installed Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) for home productive purpose. Here is the steps I did to install this Graphics card in Ubuntu.

1. Plugged-in the Graphics card in AGP Slot of motherboard. (This card is AGP 8X speed, though my motherboard (Intel 82815) supports upto 4X AGP only. Since nvidia cards are backward compatible, it fits perfect with my motherboard) Connected the monitor to D-SUB connector of this card.

2. Booted the machine. Bios automatically detected the AGP Card and switched over the default display to this card.

3. No GUI desktop login manager. X windows failed due to mismatch between current display hardware and existing /etc/X11/xorg.conf. xorg.conf has entries for Intel i810 driver which is built-in graphics chip.

4. Looking into the xorg.conf, I came to know the following command to reconfigure the X server.

5. $ sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg

6. $ sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart

7. Just logged into my gnome desktop. At this stage this card is driven by open source driver called “nv”.

8. I wanted to check the power of this card. So clicked System->Preferences->Desktop Effects. I was offered to enable and install proprietory nvidia driver to get better performance. I said yes. It installed “nvidia-glx” driver from restricted repository.Then it prompted for reboot.

9. Upon reboot, it is performing wonderful. I checked both compiz and beryl window managers, both work well.

Note: If Ubuntu is able to detect the newly plugged-in graphics card and configure the xorg.conf accordingly, it would be wonderful. Hope in the future version we can expect it.



  1. You should try the ENVY script by Alberto Milone.

    It is really awesome…plus it configures xorg.conf itself. 🙂
    It is for Nvidia and Ati Cards.

    Really good work.

    Alberto is the man 🙂

  2. Hi, guys.

    I followed the advice listed by swamytk because i found myself in the same situation (ubuntu not recognizing an NV card right away) and changed the driver to ‘vm’.

    I can get to the login screen easily enough, but the screen goes white (WSOD) and the cursor remains just after the splash screen appears and the ubuntu noise plays.

    I’m tempted to try Envy to see if it will solve the problem, but I’m new to the UNix environment and don’t know how to download stuff directly using console commands.

    Any help would totally rock. Thanks.

  3. I’d messed up my X config and then done this but missing out step #5. Now it works a treat. Thanks!

  4. thanks man!
    this article helped a lot…
    i have a gfx6200 and was using native drivers
    now it looks better

  5. yea i recently built a computer from scratch bough all the parts myself top of the line computer. i put my nvidia card in and install the driver and now my sound doesn’t work i uninstall my drivers for nvidia and then the sound works. Has anyone else experienced this. its a brand new geforce9600

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