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I am sure everyone who read this blog regularly knows that I am running Ubuntu on my production system. Ubuntu’s performance, features, and all blah.. blah.. all every one in this tux world knows. So I want to present here what I customize in my shiny new Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn). I took just 3 hours to install and customize the entire desktop.

Additional applications installed:
acroread(.deb), mplayer, realplayer(.bin), vlc, audacity, xmms, vmware, webhttrack, opera(.deb), gcolor2, brasero, tuxpaint, wammu, gmobilemedia(.deb), lbreakout2, barrage, childsplay, circuslinux, gcompris, frozen-bubble, sbackup, ubuntu-restricted-extra, dvdcss, aria2, tamil fonts, chm viewer, gstreamer ffmpeg video codecs, rar, Rainlendar(.tar), ubuntu theme for firefox.


  • (related packages installed) – This is my custom script, which loads all necessary modules for my USB-IrDA dongle to communicate with my mobile.
  • Tamil web site specific additional Tamil fonts and Mac Fonts installation.
  • Unnecessary services disabling.
  • Evolution removed.
  • IPV6 disabled.
  • /etc/hosts [*updated] with hostname entry for faster application opening
  • UbuntuHuman skin for xmms

My default applications:
1. Browser – Firefox (Extensions: Fasterfox, VideoDownloader)
2. EMail – GMail with firefox
3. Feed reader – Google Reader with firefox
4. Task manager – Rainlendar
5. Calendar – Rainlendar
6. CD Burning – Brasero
7. Mobile – Wammu/gmobilemedia
8. PDF – Evince
9. Real audio/movies – Real player 10
10. AudioCD/VCD/DVD – Totem (Failsafe is VLC/MPlayer)
12. MP3 Player – xmms
13. Audio Recording – Audacity
14. Download manager – aria2
15. Download photos from Camera – gtkam
16. Album viewer – gThumb
17. Text, Spreadsheet & Presentation – OpenOffice
18. Notes – Tomboy
19. Home partition backup – sbackup
20. Photo edit – GIMP
21. default application configuration for detecting VCD,DVD – Totem (failsafe is VLC/MPlayer)
22. default application configuration for Camera detection – gtkam
23. default application configuration for CD-Burning – brasero





  1. Nice Ubuntu !, i wish you can tell me how you do the calendar thing and notes , i already install ubuntu 7.04 (just to try) and it was a very powerful system. My primary os is Debian Etch , it is similar to ubuntu because i have understand that ubuntu came from debian.. well if you have a change email me ok take care bye

  2. For Calendar, To-do and Event notification I use rainlendar application. I have downloaded it from

  3. Nice setup.
    I use Thunderbird for mail, since I do not trust GMail.
    You should try Liferea as the RSS reader, I think it is much better than any browser based solutions I have seen.
    How do you remove evolution without breaking ubuntu-desktop?
    Did you mean /etc/hosts and not /etc/host? And what did you add there?
    How did you disable IPv6? With modprobe.conf?

  4. Hi Dmitriy,

    – I do get only a few mails, so I abandoned Evolution/Thunderbird for better desktop performance since I have bit older system. And also GMail web interface is more than good.
    – I was using liferea for some time, this too I moved to Google feed reader, which I feel more than enough for me.
    – Before Feisty I had the problem of ubuntu-desktop dependency on Evolution. But in feisty no such (except evolution-webcal). You can just try!
    – I just added my hostname to entry in /etc/hosts file.
    – To disable IPV6 for performance, I modified the /etc/modprobe.d/aliases file such that,

    #alias net-pf-10 ipv6
    alias net-pf-10 off

    Enjoy the spirit of Ubuntu!

  5. Me too just moved to feisty from drapper.It was smooth but for tamil support.
    Just want to know how can i enable complete tamil support.

    Thing is i have tamil pack installed, i can view sites but characters are not getting rendered properly. Character encoding is set to UTF 8. but still previously in ubuntu drapper i had it fine.Every page was readable.Now only certain pages can be read comfortably(Ex:wikipedia etc. But orkut,other sites are tough to read). Please give any links to resolve the problem.Google dint give me 😦

  6. Hi Srikanth,

    Which tamil font you use in firefox? San does not render tamil properly. You may install ttf-indic-fonts package to install tamil fonts. Select those TSCu_* fonts in firefox for viewing tamil/UTF-8 pages.

  7. Hi swamy,

    Thanks for the tip.It works now !!!

  8. Are you using a docking program (kiba-dock, gdesklets)? Or are those a bunch of launchers along the bottom? Nice desktop, btw 🙂

  9. Hi jr0ck,

    I tried gdesklets, but it is consuming too much of CPU cycle. Right now I use adesklets, which is very light weight and simple to configure.

  10. I have also just installed Ubuntu Feisty, been playing to linux on and off for a number of years but continue to be a newbie and still relying on a windows xp os whilst using my ubuntu in vmware. However more determined to make a break this time. Can someone shed some light as to how to get similar function as Reget when I download in Ubuntu where I can set up to download faster from 20 connections or more.

  11. Hi chanwoman,

    I use aria2 as my default downloader with resume facility, torrent and multiple connection. Install aria2 (the command is aria2c) and enjoy

  12. friend, what tool did you use to customize your UBUNTU/ please recomend me a tool that can help me add/remove package….. change wall papers etc and create a live cd easily. or anything that can help me achieve something near…….

    thankyou :)….

  13. Hi prajwol,

    I did not use any specific tool to customize. It is just a standard Ubuntu 7.04 Desktop installation. After installation I have done all above customization manually.

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for your nice customizaion. I’m trying to do the same thing on kubuntu and I’m badly looking for a well-documented documentation!

    Do you happen to have or suggest what to do?
    I’ve found some docs for 6.06 but it doesn’t work for 7.04

    I’m looking forward to hear from you soon.

  15. Hi,

    This is cool, can u help me with the dock bar like OSX which u have used for your desktop, it looks awesome.

  16. could even try Avant windows navigator or AWN curves which is much attractive than Mac OSX dock.

    And swamy could you please post me any links useful for customizing th alternate CD? Or can you post the stack of websites from which you got some information please?

  17. can you give me instructions on how to do this so i can set mine up similarly in gutsy???

    i will soon get hardy heron though

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