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I have upgraded the RAM of my home PC from 192MB to 448MB by plugging in a PC133 256MB RAM. It costs Rs.1200 (US$ 26) Here is my hardware configuration now.

Motherboard: Intel 815EEA

CPU: Intel PIII 800MHz


Graphics: Built-in 815 chipset

Harddisk: 20 + 10 GB

After upgrade, My Ubuntu (Linux Mint) runs with better speed. Really it is worth upgrade. I have installed Pardux Linux just now on this upgraded system. Let me post my review on Pardus in a few days.



  1. Hi, I am a big fan of hacking os’s to pieces so that they run well on low-end systems. Although I have 5 boxes and run various os’s, my main distro’s are Debian and Ubuntu.

    Why not pop over to my forum for a chat [url][/url] ?

    We are all Debian and Ubuntu users as well as other distros and I think you will enjoy the atmosphere.


  2. Ah, I see the [url] tag didn’t work. No Biggie 😉

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