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If you are bored with Windows XP Luna theme (Blue/Silver/Olive), here is a nice looking theme available for download. Actually it is meant for Windows Media Center edition. But it looks awesome in Windows XP.

Download here

Install the downloaded theme. Then go to Desktop and right click for properties. In Themes tab, select “Royale” in Themes drop down box. Apply and Enjoy!

Here is the screenshot of my Royale theme.

Royale theme



  1. Hi,
    today i have got ur blog site. And i am so happy to see ur site. And i think i’ll got more info from ur site. Go ahead …

    All the best.


  2. Hey, I’ve had the royale theme on my computer for a while. I enjoy reading your blog and love your use of screenshots

  3. its nice to c ur web page.

  4. hi
    when i download that ther chould be a windows media center theme i only get something cheatbook how do i do?

  5. Hi jlm,

    still the link is working. I am able to download. Check this link:–official-Download-13027.html

  6. I love your theme. Been using it since the second day it was out. Way better then the luna themes.

  7. HI,


  9. Very Nice

    Thank You Very Much

  10. Can you please link the windows xp luna theme, I have vista home premium and want the luna theme just to have. Thanks

  11. Hi Jorden,

    Media Centre theme is hosted by I am just redirecting it. Sorry, I can’t upload Luna theme on internet, it may lead to piracy of this theme as per Microsoft terms. Hope you can understand.

  12. hi, i was just wondring, can you get different colours in royale

  13. Thanks So Much I’ve wanted it since I saw my friends Cpu Now I Got It Too Thanks So Much.

  14. hello,

    regarding the download of the theme of media center, I coudn’t download it
    could you please send it to me throught the e-mail above


  15. Thanks, this is a very nice theme!

  16. this is a appale

  17. found your blog site well and i get from here my favourit theme of window XP …thanx “myself and my computer”

  18. Great Stuff..
    Keep Your Good Work Going..

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