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A few weeks back, after analysing various internet resources I came to conclusion that AMD 64 X2 Processors performs better than Intel Dual Core D Series Processors. But suddenly things have changed upright down. Intel has pre-released Core Duo Processors. They seem to be outperforms AMD 64 X2 in wide aspects and good margin. This is not only technically but also monetarily. But it is expected that AMD will also go for price cut by this month end. Here are the summary of benchmark testing by

1. Though Core Duo does not have integrated memory controllers, memory latency is very less.
2. One of the major advantage of AMD has been met by the Core Duo processors; it is power consumption. Intel’s power consumption is competetive to AMD in this Core Duo series
3. In application performance area also Core Duo rules with large margin.
4. Surprisingly Intel wins in gaming applications too!!!!

Moral: Don’t upgrade your system with any Dual Core Processors (Intel Pentium D / AMD 64 X2) available in the market now. This month end will see a lot of price cute from both Intel and AMD. For around Rs.10,000/- we will decent hight power processors, fitting to our budget.

Reference: Anand’s comparison


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