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I have got a used Intel PIII machine for my home, thanks to my guru ManiVS and Mr.Mukunthan. Though it is bit old configuration, I don’t feel so, when I loaded Mepis 3.4.1 and Gentoo 2005 Linux on that. I don’t feel any difference between working on PIV with 512MB RAM and this PIII with 192MB RAM. Linux is really mighty to run on old machines. That too KDE does not seem to be bloated. Here is the configuration:

Intel PIII 800MHz

Intel Motherboard – 815EEA based on 815 Chipset

20GB HDD + (10GB of mine)

SDRAM 128+64 = 192MB

Built-in Video 82815 Chip

Built-in Audio Ensonique 1371

2 USB Ports external

LG 14″ Color Monitor – supports upto 1024×768 60Hz

I bought the above configuration for Rs. 3000/-. Apart from this I bought Samsung Keyboard, Intex Optic Mouse, Intex Speaker and Mic for Rs.700/-.

I am going to install Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 on this machine. I dont’ have internet @ home. I have prepared Extra packages CD, from Ubuntu repositories when I was using Ubuntu Dapper in my work at T & B. This CD will make my job easy to install all the packages which are not available in Ubuntu Installation CD.


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