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There are two types of dialog boxes:
1. Modal dialog
2. Modeless dialog

When a program displays a modal dialog box, the user cannot switch between the dialog box and another window in your program. The user must explicitly end the dialog box. The user can, however, switch to another program while the dialog box is still displayed. Some dialog boxes (called “system modal”) do not allow even this. System modal dialog boxes must be ended before the user can do anything else in Windows.

Modeless dialog boxes allow the user to switch between the dialog box and the window that created it as well as between the dialog box and other programs.

Some of the common dialog boxes available in the Windows for uniform user interface across applications. They are listed below:
GetOpenFileName() – Displays a Open File dialog box
GetSaveFileName() – Displays a Save File dialog box
ChooseFont() – Displays a Font selection dialog box
FindText() and ReplaceText() – Displays a string finding and replacing modeless dialog box


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  1. How to capture the event when a user tries to save a document from the internet to local machine?
    i want to check the document’s metadata before saving it to disk.

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