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I use to enjoy when I do Win32 API Programming. So far I have worked on it without any formal learning. I think this is high time to make my understanding neat and clean on Win32. Here is my attempt to start summarizing the essentials of Win32 Programming which I enjoy. I am going to post Win32 basics in this blog. This is not going to be a complete Win32 learning plot, but it will definitely help myself and others to brush up the existing knowledge in Win32. I am not going to cover the deep root topics, since I don’t know much of them. Charles Petzold’s “Programming Windows” is the good book to start. I prescribe that book for any one who start learning Win32 programming.

Thanks to my friend Mr.Suresh, who is conducting Win32 classes for freshers in our office. I attended a session, seems to be useful for me also. Suresh is strong in Win32, he will help me in making this series useful to everyone. I welcome the readers to comment on mistakes if any in the postings..!

After all sharing knowledge is nothing but learning! 🙂


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