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Mozilla has released Firefox 1.5 web browser yesterday (29th Nov 2005). It has many good features and improvements. I list out the features which I understood and like here.
1.Back and Forward works fast. Everytime when you go forth and back, the already rendered page is transferred to screen instead of rendering again. Nice thought!
2.Automatic Update has been very well integrated. Here afterwards need not to download the entire (5MB) Firefox for security update. A few hundred KB of file is enough. It shows that mozilla listens to end users requests.
3.Drag and Drop the tabs – i.e ordering the tabs is also a nice feature.
4.Clear Private Data in single click is also a good feature (that too customizable).
5.Security wise I don’t know much about technical aspects. But I strongly believe that Mozilla releases security fix as quick as possible. It is proven in past.
6.In long run only, I can tell you about popup block improvements in this version 1.5. So far it is good.
7. Screen reader support for commercial application Windows-eyes has been provided in this version. This feature takes Firefox close to blind people. Good move. But why can’t Firefox provide support for a open source screen reader application?
8. Apart from these, I always like the highly customizable tool bar, so that people like me who work on 14/15″ screen are blessed with this tool to save more space for web page. It avoids cluttering of tool bars in screen.

Here is the list of extensions I use with Firefox 1.5 for your reference.
1. Download Statusbar – It avoids unnecessary dialog box. We are able to monitor the status of all downloads behind, from status bar.
2. Plain Text to Link – Selected plain text in web page can be fired as url, google search term using context menu.
3. StumbleUpon tool bar – Social site rating and sharing tool.
4. ScrapBook – A good relief from annoying “Save as” dialog box. Just click to save the web page and organize.
5. Flashgot – Download manager integration tool
6. Fasterfox – Fine tune the Firefox configuration for faster browsing experience.
7. IE Tab – Renders the web page using IE engine, handy tool for “Designed for IE” web sites.
8. imagepref – Just click to enable/disable the images in a web page.
9. Google tool bar – Need to say anything?

Why can’t you give a try by downloading it from here.


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